Day 1………………………………

So here it begins.  Not sure where to start.  Should i start with emotions, feelings, physical well being or all. So confusing.  I always end my nights with, “ok, tomorrow morning i am going to wake up and do…………………” and then I wake up and don’t do it.  

I feel so overwhelmed and I keep adding things to my to do list. Why???? I want to be that person I want to be so I keep piling things on and on and on.  What ends up happening is I get burnt out.

I think I need to sit back, relax and take my to do list, list everything on there, break it into sections and dissect it piece by piece.  Put things on the urgent list, not so urgent, future, etc.  Like I have so many projects piled up in my craft room/office.  Nothing is getting done, just one big mess.  Who would want to come in here and work, not me and that is exactly what happens.  Nothing gets done and I just get frustrated.

Any ideas out there, what have you done to make your life more simple?

I feel like I get no down time, cause my down time is spent being burnt out and getting mad at myself.  As I write out my feelings, no wonder i am feeling depressed.  Its really not depression, its EXHAUSTION!  So exhausted that I don’t want to do anything.

I should stop that!!


A New Beginning…………..

As I begin this blog, I wonder what I intend to use it for.  My mind is all over the place.  So many things to say, to not say or ideas of what I want this blog to be.  It may start off all over the place quite like myself right now but maybe with time, direction to where this blog takes me will help me find my direction in life.

I have read many blogs, some so inspirational that I can only hope mine too will fit into that category.  Some are duds and I hope mine will not be one of those.

This blog I hope, will help me find myself.  I have grown so much in the past few years and I feel like I am in a rut at the moment.  Feel like I can’t breathe, gasping for air, just hoping to get out before I drown in what I call my life right now.  So much out there that I want to do but lack the energy, determination to get there.

This blog may be filled with bunch of crap(some may think) but it’s me trying to motivate myself.  Remind myself as to why I chose the path that I have taken and what I need to do to continue this path and maybe some detours along the way.

I’m scared, anxious, excited, nervous and worried about what direction i take.  I like to stay in the safe lane, but i am finding the safe lane is too slow and not very exciting at times.  I have ideas of what I want, I just need to get there.

Goodnight 🙂